Charging station for electric cars

Tikkuparkki parking garage has six public type 2 charging points for electric cars, which are part of Liikennevirta’s charging network.

You will find the charging points in the middle of P2 level's northern half, to the left from the entrance ramp.

The charging points are placed on parking lots 257, 258, 260, 271, 272 and 273.



The charging price of an electric car consists of the amount of electricity charged and the time used.

Katso hinnoitteluperuste.

The charging station has a one-time payment option with a debit and credit card via the online service. The service is available at 

When using the one-time payment option the transfer fee is added to the charging price.

Price example for one hour charging
energia: 0,25€ / kwh
Time fee: 0.30 € /h
booking fee: 0.01 €/m

Charging capacity

The maximum charge current of the charging station is 11 kW and it is shared to all chargers simultaneously. That means the charge current of an individual charging point will vary as the number of cars being charged changes

For more information on charging points and charging electric cars, go to

It is forbidden to park at charging points without charging an electric car.